Wednesday, October 3, 2018

4 Insider Tips For Quality AC Installation

Getting a brand new AC offers greater comfort and better energy efficiency in a home or office. Additionally, new air conditioners come with advanced features that your older unit might have had. Therefore, investing in a new AC unit is a wonderful idea. However, your air conditioner needs proper installation to enjoy all its benefits. This is key to keep the unit working properly and efficiently for years to come. Consider these insider tips for quality AC installation. 

Find professional installers

Professional installation is the only way to get certain that the AC is installed properly. Installing an air conditioning unit is not for DIY enthusiasts. These lack appropriate tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure a correct installation. Non-skilled installers lack knowledge about the various nuances of AC installation including:
  • Correct pressure
  • Accurate refrigerant level
  • Proper voltage
  • Secure mounts

Professional installers are always available to troubleshoot any issues that might arise on your unit. Additionally, they carry out routine maintenance to ensure the AC is working properly.

Understand energy efficiency ratings

It’s a great idea to entrust your AC installation process to professionals. These offer advice regarding energy efficiency rating when purchasing a new unit. It’s very important to understand the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Star rating. New units have at least a SEER of about 14 with the most efficient ones having a SEER of about 20. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Energy Star rating is proof that the unit is energy efficient without compromise on performance. Be mindful that more energy efficient units come at a premium price but with long-lasting saving.  

Choose an appropriate unit

It’s a smart idea to consider professional AC installation in Houston to ensure you get a unit that meets your requirements. This limits chances of getting an undersized unit that won’t cool your home properly. Additionally, an undersized unit consumes much energy attempting to work beyond its capacity. This leads to more loses including short cycle and wearing down faster. Only professional installers understand the need for proper sizing when choosing an AC unit. These take time to evaluate your home cooling requirements.

Have a maintenance schedule

Getting a new AC system is good but maintenance is equally important. Proper maintenance will keep your unit working properly and efficiently for years to come. Therefore, ensure to have a maintenance schedule with your professional installer. The installers can help you choose an appropriate period when to service your air conditioner. Effective maintenance is key to ensuring that your AC is working effectively and efficiently. With a properly working AC, you will enjoy low monthly energy bills and fewer repair costs. 
An air conditioning system that doesn’t work properly makes living in your home uncomfortable especially in summer. To prevent sweaty moments, getting a new unit is a solution. However, professional installation is highly recommended to ensure that the system will work as expected. With a new AC, you will enjoy reduced monthly energy bills and make living in your interior a pleasant moment.