Friday, October 26, 2018

Affordable Web Hosting Sites for Beginners in 2019

Today everyone has their own blog and websites from small business to large. For starting your blog you need a domain name and web hosting service. The best quality web hosting sites may be a bit expensive for a newbie. Seeing the high-cost graph most of them drop the idea of starting a blog.

But, what if I tell you that you can start your blog in cheap cost. Actually cheap is the best deal you can get and it doesn't always mean to compromise with the product quality.

Yes, cheap can be the best deal for a newbie who doesn't want to spend piles of dollars in premium and expensive hosting plans.

Today there are hundreds of web hosting sites who provide cheap plans for beginners and students. They know well about the potential of their customers and created the best cheap plans which deliver quality services like reliable performance, blog uptime, maintained servers, security protection.

I say it is the value for money deal, so stay tuned till the end because I am going to list out some cheap web hosting sites.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Sites for Beginners 2019

Remember that all the web hosting sites listed below will offer shared hosting which is great for starting your business but not helpful in scaling the business as you need heavy servers to handle the millions of traffic driving on your site, for that purpose  you will have to switch to VPS or dedicated servers which is bit expensive which is not a big deal when you start getting millions of traffic.

Many web hosting companies offer eye-catching plans some time they offer free services which always have some catch in it, as some of the features will have to purchase and is reliable only for hundreds of traffics above that the servers will overload and boom! Your site goes down which is not a good gamble.

My suggestion is, if you plan to run for a long run then you should consider a good and reliable hosting plan for long-term goals. This will have a good impact on your business and growth.

So here are the best cheap web hosting sites for newbie 2019

1) Hostgator ( strongly recommended for long-term)

Hostgator is backed by EIG which is one of the biggest hosting companies. It offers a hatchling plan which is good for long-term goals and offers an unlimited number of services. In the basic plan, you can run one website. Hostgator provides a user-friendly environment for newbie and guide them throughout the process. the best features they provide is one click WordPress install and amazing site builder. They give you panel control panel for managing your hosting and advance MySQL for database management and a lot of unlimited features which are listed below.  The hatching plans start at a low cost as much as 3$/ month.

● Unlimited disk space
● Unlimited bandwidth 
● Unlimited business emails
● 24x7 customer support
● Security
● $200 google ads credits

Hostgator offers a 45 days money back guarantee, means you can try whether they can fulfill your site requirements and offers 30 days transfer.

Price 3.88/ month

To get 75% off on Hostgator package purchase through this link.

2) Godaddy 

Godaddy is one of the renowned web hosting providers which offers good features for better scaling business with free Microsoft mail.

It offers an economic package which is considered as the value for money service in the market. You will get a free domain for the first year and then you will be charged a bit more at the time of renewing. 100GB storage is good enough for handling thousands of traffics and with the help of unlimited bandwidth plus you will get Microsoft office 365 business email for one year. It will nearly cost $73 for a year.

Godaddy provides 24x7 support via toll-free numbers and also offer 99.9% guaranteed uptime. One click install is the feature you want to work with. It also guaranteed against most of the online attacks on your site like DDoS attack and website hijack plus 1 GB of MySQL database storage which is the good offering. The only limitation is that you can only host one website but that is the common offering at this cost.

3) 1&1 

1&1 web hosting package provides tons of storage and extras. Like most of the premium web hosting providers, it offers 40 days money back guarantee. This is a german-based web hosting company and is considered as one of the largest web hosting firm. Means you are in a good hand.

● Impressive amount of storage
● Free domain for 1 year
● DDoS protection and geo-redundancy

With 100GB storage, your website will have no bounds to stop it from growing. Unlimited bandwidth and 2.5 GB system memory and up to 25 databases with 1GB  SSD storage each which make it function like butter.

Price: $11.88  for the first year and renews at $7.99 per month plus VAT


one of the cheapest provider but also with lots of limitations.'s fees are very reasonable for your money and are more than what other provides. it offers features like 25 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth for a single domain. They also provide free SSL certificate which many are not offering an unlimited business email. They also give $75 AdWords voucher.

What they are providing in cheap cost is quite remarkable from which newbie can take benefits for some years before they settle in the blogging field.

Price: $2.45 / month
$29.4 for a year and renews at the same price.

So we have looked at many web hosting provider and it must be quite difficult to choose between. so let me give you some of my experience.

I know free word looks amazing but remember there is nothing free in this world. Everything has a price. Going with too cheap can result in a bad experience like downtime, lack of support, lack of traffic handling etc.

So choose the web hosting which will provide all the features and functions at low cost. In my recommendation, Hostgator has marked its services promises and is well appreciated for its service.