Sunday, October 21, 2018

Some Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer In the Bottle

From a decade, nail polish is one of the mostly used manicures, and it is most also popular among all age of the female around the world. But there are only a few women who can finish the complete nail polish bottle because after some time the nail polish gets thick, lumpy and completely unusable. In this post, we will talk about some tips which can help you protect your favorite nail polish.

If you take proper care of your nail polish bottle than this process can be delayed but sometimes no matter how much you take care of it, it will end up gloopy. And for that, there is one holy grail product that will bring your nail polishes back into the usable condition. Some of the tips to protect your nail polish is given below

  • Keep out of direct Sunlight:Some girls keep their nail polish on the window and in direct contact with sunlight which makes it unsuitable for the further use. Hence keep it away from direct sunlight exposure. If you want some extra protection, then there are the endless solution. Some like a rack on the wall, boxes in the shelf, or drawer sets.
  • Keep the bottle Upright:Don’t forget to keep the bottle upright because it permanently leads to cementing of the lid. 
  • Don’t Fridge it:It is a common mistake among most of the girls. They placed their nail polish into the fridge because it is said that keeping a nail polish inside the refrigerator leads to longer life of the nail polish, but it is not true because storage of nail polish at lower temperature leads to the quick damaging of your nail polish as compared to the room temperature.
  • Use Nail Polish Thinner:Only a few drops of nail polish thinner can help you to restore a goopy nail polish. The process is straightforward add few drops of thinner into the nail polish and gently roll it across the table, and it will get back to the normal. 

All the above-listed tips will help you to protect your nail polish for the longest time in which using thinner is the most effective way to protect your nail polish. Even keeping your bottle of nail polish way from the sunlight or fridge will help you to defend it but nail polish thinner is the best way to do that.