Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How to Conquer a Man in 10 Moves

There is a man who intrigues you, a boy makes you beat your heart but you do not know how to conquer it? It is quite natural that, taken by a feeling that upsets you, do not know what strategy to implement.

How, then? The perfect recipe does not exist, but not sure. But one thing is certain: be yourself! As for the rest, the small, simple, scientifically proven advice of our Decalogue can help.

1) Be direct and sincere. A study by Becknell University in Pennsylvania (USA) reveals that the best weapon of seduction for a woman who intends to fascinate a man is to speak clearly. Direct questions such as: "Can I give you my number?" Or "Do you want to come to dinner?" Are effective because they leave no room for doubt. On the other hand, when you rely on vague indications, the male is in difficulty because he is forced to decipher your message, which for him turns out to be complicated.

2) No to the fixed of the sculpted body. More than a perfect body, with tonic muscles, men look first of all at the face, whatever they say. A study by Australian researcher Marianne Peters has shown that, for a man, the face affects 52% of a woman's total assessment, while the body only accounts for 24%.

3) Smile. A team of researchers from the University Of Aberdeen, Scotland, conducted a test to identify the most attractive female attitude from a sexual point of view. The choice was between: a direct look, a disgusted expression or a smile. Well, he smirked the smile.

4) Yes to décolleté. It is an irresistible call for the other sex: some studies have shown that the time it takes to board a girl wearing a top is half the time needed to talk to someone wearing a T-shirt. Why, are you wondering? Some believe that the décolleté refers the male to the concept of mother and breastfeeding, and who instead - as the English ethnologist Desmond Morris - argues that the prosperous breasts reproduce the shape of the buttocks in the front, the main sexual area for the monkeys, from which we descend.

5) Throw a signal. There are typical signs of courtship that attract the attention of others on their bodies. Among these, pass a hand through your hair, settle your dress, cross your legs, and nod. Never, however, cross the arms, look at the ceiling while the other speaks, or avoid the gaze: all signs, unequivocal, of disinterest.

6) Make the body speak. A research conducted by the Behavioral Sciences Departments of Webster University in Saint Louis (Missouri), revealed that the symmetry of the movements between the two protagonists of a courtship guarantees a chance of success of seduction.

7) Be solar. Let yourself go to happiness, be sunny and available: this is the best way to break down the defenses of others. No, therefore, to angry, mysterious or fakely fascinating expressions.

8) Imitate his gestures. Professor Emmanuele Jannini, a medical sexologist and coordinator of the degree course in Sexology at the University of L'Aquila, suggests studying and replicating the moves of those facing you: "You will give him the idea that there is affinity and understanding between you and you are similar. Put the drink near the lips at the same time, grasp the fork together, cross the legs with similar gestures ".

9) Something red. The red color makes us in the eyes of the other person more attractive and desirable. This is highlighted by the thesis of a group of US researchers from the University of Rochester: dressing scarlet in fact triggers biological factors that refer to primordial instincts linked to physical attraction.

10) Make-up. Raymond Mulhern, a psychologist at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (UK), claims that a make-up woman is judged to be more attractive and healthier. When we feel beautiful we can also be safer, but be careful not to overdo it with makeup and wigs!

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