Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How You Can Predict Your Baby’s Gender

For a lot of mothers waiting for the entire 9 months before discovering the gender of the baby proves to be the last thing on the back of their minds. Child gender prediction is something which all parents want to explore. Different cultures have gone on to adopt unique methods of child gender prediction and some may term it as child gender depends upon father. Now let us explore the various types of gender prediction tests.

Ultrasound scans
These are high beam radiation rays which do showcase the images of the baby in the uterus. It could go on to predict information that you can rely on. With ultrasound, it is very difficult to get the gender of your baby wrong. If you conduct an ultrasound between 18 to 26 weeks of pregnancy in most cases it would be accurate

Chinese gender charts
As per experts Chinese calendars are 700 years old and predict gender 90% of the time correctly. You predict the gender of the baby based on the month of conception, along with the mother’s birth date. Both of them are based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Any lady who has gone on to use this chart at the time of pregnancy has really given their thumbs up in terms of accuracy.

Heart rate of the baby
A gender prediction chart states that both boys and girls have different rates in the womb of a mother. For example, if the heartbeat is more than 140 beats is a girl and if it is less than that it would be a boy. It does prove to be an easy way to determine the gender of a baby but lacks definite logic in terms of scientific understanding. A study has gone on to prove that there is no correlation between the gender of the baby and the heartbeat.

Test of wedding ring
In this method, you have to thread a ring into a piece of hair. Just hold the dangling ring over the would-be mother. If the ring swings back to and fro like a pendulum it means that they are carrying a boy. If the ring goes on to replicate a circular motion then it is a girl. No form of scientific understanding does support this form of thinking.

If you are carrying the boy too high or too low
In the eyes of some people, they can predict the gender of the baby by observing the belly. The manner by which you are carrying the baby would tell you whether it is a boy or a girl. But according to believers it also depends upon your weight, type of build along with the position of the baby.

Morning sickness
When you are expecting a girl the morning sickness tends to be of alarming proportions. The science to back up this theory is that when you are pregnant with a girl your body is loaded with extra girl hormones which do make you extra sick.