Thursday, December 6, 2018

Why We Need Advanced Parental Control Apps

Ensuring online security of a kid is highly difficult in this technological driven world and is one thing which bothers every parent.

A parental control app is a perfect solution to secure your teen online. A kid with a mobile phone is vulnerable to many threats online like identity theft, exposure to explicit content, etc.

Parents also need to deal with issues of kids spending a lot of time on smartphones.

A parental app with advanced features like the Bit Guardian App helps monitor your child’s activities. It can also keep a check on the whereabouts using child GPS tracker.

Is a kid with a smartphone a secure kid?

Kids with smartphones are far from secure. Parents need to understand the potential risks for a kid in a digital world. 

Excessive usage of smartphones puts your kids security at stake. Here is a list to better understand all such security issues online:

●        Identity theft.
●        Cyberbullying.
●        Objectionable content.
●        Trolling on websites or social media.
●        Adult content.
●        Chatting with people having bad intentions.
●        Posting photos or content on social media that one may regret later.
●        Unaware that posts are viewable by police, parents and even future principal or employer.

The significance of parental control App

Online safety of a kid is a constant worry which every parent has.

Using an App with relevant features can put your mind at ease. Some of the main features to help protect your child are:

●        Filtering content helps secure your kid against explicit material.
●        Restricting screen time prevents kids from spending too much time on smartphones.
●        Safeguarding messaging and calling feature secures your teen from strangers.
●        Monitoring Apps like social media Apps helps manage a child's online activity.
●      An advanced App allows a parent to block apps, prevents the kid from installing new apps and is also able to track the location of a child using GPS child tracker.

Secure your teen with Bit Guardian App

Bit Guardian Control App is specially designed app to keep your kids secure. Parents need to go to great lengths to secure their teens. An app like Bit Guardian with advanced features can do it effortlessly

Here is a list of features:

●        Use child GPS tracker to locate them:

This feature helps parents pinpoint the child’s location at all times and ensure they do visit places they are not supposed to. Create a geofence that maps physical boundaries to receive alerts if a kid crosses it. 

●        Monitor calls and messages:

Parents can view all call and message logs of children to monitor their messages and contacts. It is also possible for a parent to block contacts if they seem unsafe. 

●        Schedule phone usage:

Mobile usage time of children is set to avoid them using a mobile device at odd hours. Enforcing bedtime settings prevents a kid from using a mobile at late hours. There are several other settings like game-time which helps restrict when a kid can play a game. 

●        Block App usage:

Keep your kid secure by blocking all objectionable apps.

●        Panic alert:

Panic alerts in case of an emergency is a feature that all parents would desire. This App sends a message to a parent app when the child device sends a panic signal. 

●        Find lost phone in case of theft:

GPS tracker for children is put to use to find lost or stolen phone. Bit Guardian Parental Control App also allows you to ring the kid’s phone. 

●        Kiosk mode:

Kiosk mode is used to block apps on the child device. This mode allows parents to secure the teen remotely. However, this feature is common with younger kids. 

Frequently asked questions

●        Can parental control apps send SOS if there is an emergency?

Yes, this App has a Panic Alert button feature that allows a kid to send an alert message to the parent during emergency. 

●        Can I block Apps on the child device?

A parental App can be used to block apps.  Thus, a child can only use apps you allow.

●        How to find a child's lost mobile?

GPS is used to locate a lost or stolen mobile with several additional features to aid with this process.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App offers an advanced level of protection to keep kids secure this includes child GPS tracker as well ability monitor usage and many more.