Thursday, January 24, 2019

Is Mobile Spying Ethical or Unethical

Previously the tracking of the mobile is used for locating the place of the person but these days the meaning of this term change and now it can be used for finding all the information present in your cell phone like multimedia content, social account, bank detail, call record, text messages, etc. 

Mobile tracking is both ethical and unethical depending upon the purposes of its use. But in some cases, mobile monitoring is ethical here in this post we are going to discuss those points. 

When you are tracking you old parent or younger child

If you are concern about the safety of your old parent or younger siblings, then you can follow the location of them so that you can reach them with no trouble.

When Parent Spy Their Child Phone

These days the crime rate is increasing day by so most of the parent who wishes to track the activity done by their children can monitor the operation of their child. There is various software or mobile app available on the net which can help you to track the mobile. But the first mobile tracking device or app is NetSPY. 

Feature Offered By NetSpy 

This is one of the best mobile spying software which offers you numerous features which is listed below:
Call Recording: You can record the all the call you received and made form the monitor mobile

Message Tracking: All the text messages created and accepted by all the suspect can be read by you as well. 

Social Media Site Tracking: Social sites like facebook Instagram, Whatsapp is one which carries most of the information about the suspect. Hence you can track the social site by earning their passwords with the help of the vital logger feature.

Remotely Control: This feature helps you to detect the deleted content and also help when you lose your mobile. You can also lock all the content & track your mobile as well.

Protect Internet Usage: You can detect the internet usage of the suspect. By using this, you can know what the suspect has been watching over the internet by assessing the browsing history of the monitor device.

Keylogger: This feature is one of the elements which helps you to know that passwords saved in the mobile of the monitor device.

Ambient Listening: This feature helps you to hear the voice or another sound of the ambience or surrounding of the suspect. You can also hear the sound & make out whom the suspect is talking to & where he is.

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