Thursday, January 17, 2019

Top Five Places to See in Asia

The planet Earth largest and most populous continent is Asia, home to nearly four-and-half billion people. And area wise it covers a third of the entire world's land. This continent has the oldest civilizations, the highest peaks, the most populous cities, and the tallest buildings in the world. 

It has a sequence of iconic history, culture, religions, vast landscapes, art, and architecture. So this continent has everything to visit right from the mega-metropolises to remote islands, and ancient history and culture spots to offer a healthy dose of adventure.

1. Hong Kong: - The former British colony Hong Kong gives a glimpse to China. The city has a hub influenced by eastern cultures, and the west profoundly influences the roots of the town. The culture in the city seems to be affected by capitalism, which is well illustrated by the towering skyscrapers, numerous street markets and thousands of dining options available in the city. Apart from the Chinese culture visit this place for the unmatched natural beauty.

2. Maldives: - The Maldives is home of about 1,200 islands, many of them offer unmatched white sand beaches, crystal clear water and coral reefs that prompt extensive exploration.  The scenic and stunning beauty of the Maldives is something to behold, something that you cannot understand until you are there in person. 

3. Tokyo: - Tokyo, the capital of one of the most famous countries in world Japan. It among the largest cities in the world. With millions upon millions of residents, for new visitors, it may have a hard time keeping up with the city's flashing lights, and it’s insanely crowded streets. But the enjoyments in Tokyo are going to be never ending, especially with its exhilarating energy and unrivaled shopping scene, along with the taste of best sushi.    

4. Bali: - The natural beauty of the Bali is so profound that for many travelers the destination has been heaven on earth. The quaint view of mountain ranges, sweeping valleys and scenic beaches all sit together here.

5. Singapore: - The melting pot of Asian cultures. This fusion of religion has led to prosperity that reflects in the colorful neighborhoods, eclectic culinary scene and overall modernity and another aspect of the city. The famous and go-to place has Little India and Chinatown whereas traveler you can head for the shopping and chowing. For more detail, you can visit here.