Thursday, February 21, 2019

How to End Winter on a Happy Note in 10 Simple Steps

There are 90 days in winter and we’re approaching the home stretch in the snow, the slush and the cold. Are there any good things that come at this time of year? With spring right around the corner, it’s finally time to start thinking about how you will round out the season.

Many people wonder what benefits can be found during wintertime. There are plenty of ways to boost your spirits without giving in to the late winter slump. Resist the urge to blindly hole up inside by taking on some new inspiration and adding it to your daily routine.

Happiness is always within reach. Foster good vibes by blending aspects of your surroundings, lifestyle and pursuits. Use these helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of the rest of the season and enjoy a cozy home.

#1. Live The Hygge Life

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is more than just a funny looking word. As a lifestyle trend, hygge is all about being content with your surroundings and enjoying each moment to the fullest.

Bring hygge into your home by lighting a fire, playing some soft music and setting the mood with candles or incense. Take some time to unplug from distracting electronics that may disturb your peace and fully utilize your space to inspire uninterrupted, carefree happiness.

#2. Get Comfy

Getting comfortable is one of the easiest ways to make a home cozier. Look for furniture with textures and styles that match your personal preferences.

Make sure you’re getting a restful sleep each night so that you’re prepared for whatever the day holds. Choose a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive to take advantage of a full night’s sleep. Keep things affordable and painless by trying out a mattress that can be sent to your door.

#3. Bundle Up

Fill your home with snug accents in your living interiors. Blankets and throw pillows are great for turning your home into a cozy haven. Use rugs and carpets to keep warmth in your home and have a bunch of plush throws available to whoever may be in need of a comfy pick me up.

#4. Stay In Touch

Staying close with those you love during winter can be tough. Unpredictable weather and unsafe conditions may make it difficult to venture out of the house, however, it’s important to maintain those relationships that mean the most to you.

Get everyone in one room by planning a dinner party. Have each guest prepare their favorite dish to serve and share. Keep the party going by having fun activities available like a board or card games. A cozy evening with friends and family is sure to fill your home with warmth and love.

#5. Go Boho

Bohemian decor is extremely popular right now and ties in with the hygge life perfectly. It also allows for a flawless transition from winter, spring and even summer styles. Bohemian interiors are fairly evergreen.

Look for macrame decorations such as flower hangers or go bold with an entire wall curtain. Spruce up your rooms with elegant tapestries in prints and fabrics that you love. Floor poufs are another popular accessory that comes in all different shapes, patterns and textures.

#6. Freshen Up

Take all of this time indoors to make small home improvements. Add new styles to incorporate into your decor through paint and wallpaper.

Choose colors carefully to keep things within your home light and airy. Soft grays and neutral undertones provide a calming environment while bold accent walls allow inspiration to flow.

There are lots of choices for wall murals that help transform your space into something else entirely. Why not wake up to a misty winter morning or a peaceful lake with a view of the mountains? Keep things interesting and embrace your creativity by finding pieces that motivate you.

#7. Bring the Outdoors In

Having plants in your home allows the outdoors to come in without the chill. Kick the mid-winter slump by taking advantage of the benefits of houseplants.

Use plants to boost home decor with fresh colors or go deeper and place specific plants in certain rooms to reap the advantages. Some greeneries aid in sleep by releasing oxygen and freshening air while others are a simple, convenient way to brighten up a bland atmosphere.

#8. Get Organized

Bringing order to your home, in turn, brings order to your life. Have surroundings that are ideally situated with a place for everything. Baskets are a perfect place to keep blankets and throws. Consider buying storage furniture such as ottomans, tables and chests to keep things clean and tidy.

Organizing your things can also help your community. Consider going through things you no longer or barely use like clothes, books or even lightly used furniture and donating them to your local shelter. Restore balance by purchasing items that more closely match your current interests and leisure.

#9. Keep Things Simple

Loading your schedule with too many projects at the end of a season can lead to exhaustion and lackluster creativity. Spread out your plans to make sure you aren’t running on empty by the time March 1st rolls around.

Find a new T.V. show to enjoy or take it easy with a screening of your favorite movie. Staying rested through the end of winter is important in having a rejuvenated spring.

#10. Stay Positive

Last but certainly not least, having an optimistic outlook on life will always be an effective strategy to ending the winter season on a happy note. Encourage joy by developing new habits that nurture your own sense of wellbeing.

Begin writing in a gratitude journal or start tracking your daily moods. Read a personal development book or learn a new skill. Another great way to cultivate good spirits is by blocking out any negative interactions you may experience on social media by unfollowing or unsubscribing from controversial content or discussions.

Remember, happiness is always close by - you just have to know where to look!