Monday, February 4, 2019

Tips for Ensuring A Safe Storage Unit

When it comes to storing your valuables away from your home, it can be a little scary. You run the risk of your property being damaged or even stolen if you are not careful. Choosing the correct storage facility, packing your unit correctly, and knowing what and what not to store are three main ways you can avoid damage to your property in storage.

Finding the Correct Storage Facility

There are so many storage facilities out there it is hard to know which are good and which aren't. There are a few things you need to make sure the facility has to know you can store your property safely. Make sure the facility has 24 hour video surveillance, an on-site manager and climate controlled units. If the facility has video surveillance you know you have a less chance of getting your property stolen. You will want an on-site manager so you can deal with someone during regular business hours. Storage facilities that do not have a manager on-site will make you set up appointments to deal with issues which is not convenient. Climate controlled storage units will prevent biological contaminants from building up in your storage unit. Not all house hold items require climate controlled environment but having the temperature regulated will prevent any art, electronics, clothing and furniture to be damaged.

Packing Your Unit Correctly

Packing your storage unit may seem obvious, however, many people just throw their items in a unit not thinking about when they need to access it later. If you cram too much into an area your items risk being damaged. It is important to plan how you pack your unit so you can not only fit everything properly, you can get to your things as well. You should pack your large items in first and make sure you are able to stack items where possible. If you have any seasonal items you will want to pack them towards the back as well since you only use them once a year. Make sure you have aisles so you can access your boxes easily from each side.

Once you've loaded up your larger items, stack your smaller items according to size last. Lighter objects should be on top so lifting or removing items is easy down the road.

What and What not to Store

The last thing you can do to make sure your property does not get ruined is knowing what and what not to store in your unit. Outside of the obvious flammable items, explosives, and chemicals - you shouldn't store plants, guns, medication or perishable foods. These items will either get ruined or are dangerous to store in a storage facility

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