Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Why You Really Need Pure Hemp Oil

You might be considering trying hemp oil. There's a lot of talk about it in the news and online. You could be shopping around for the right place to buy hemp oil. Before you make that leap, consider this, there is more than price to think about. Not all hemp oils are the same. You should buy from a company that uses organic hemp oil

There is money in the hemp business. Many companies are trying to cash in. Some are producing good medical quality hemp oil, but others are not. Hemp is a booming business. The hemp plant can be used for paper, cloth, even plastic. It is a really great plant, especially now that it is legal to grow in all fifty states. Farmers are jumping in with both feet and manufactures are too. Products made from hemp are good for the environment and the economy. Some companies want to squeeze every penny possible from the hemp they purchase. They make oil from the seeds and woody stalks that are left after the hemp is used for other products. 

You want to be sure you are purchasing organic hemp oil that has been cold pressed using CO2 extraction. Organically grown industrial hemp is the only hemp that will supply the proper balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. These are necessary to be sure your hemp will give you the health affects you want. Until recently you had to have hemp oil that was imported to get hemp oil. The United States has been sadly behind in recognizing hemp for the amazing plant that it is. That is no longer true. 

You can find cheap hemp oil, but you have no guarantee that it is free of harmful pesticides and herbicides and contains the proper mix of active ingredients that only organically grown industrial hemp contains. In order to get the results, you want you must buy the highest quality hemp available. While many farmers have started to grow hemp since the 2018 farm bill, many still don't understand the importance of organic hemp in order to produce pure hemp oil. There are two important parts to producing hemp oil. 

1. Start with organic hemp free of pesticides and herbicides. No chemicals to pollute the oil. 
2. The oil must be extracted using a cold press method. Using the clean CO2 cold press method of extraction keeps the oil pure and clean. Some companies use harsh chemical solvents to draw the oil out. These solvents can stay in the hemp oil. These solvents can stay in the hemp oil. If you don't want them in you, then be sure they aren't in your hemp oil. 

There is much being written about hemp oil now. Knowing who you're buying from is important. Asking a medical professional, you trust is the best way to find a product you can trust. Ask questions, shop around, if you want pure hemp oil do your homework. This your health, be sure you know your getting pure hemp oil.